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pie chart The Cages of Kessig

Standard* Aggro Mono-Green



Get creatures into graveyard and attack with Kesssig Cagebreakers ASAP


Took out the werewolves for Lightning Maulers and Vexing Devils. Vexing Devil Either stays on the battlefield as a wonderful hitter of blocked for R or does damage and goes to the graveyard to help out with my Splinterfright or Kessig Cagebreakers.

Lightning Mauler Let's me soulbound creatures to give them Haste, like if I drop Kessig turn 4 and immediately swing.

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spectre501st says... #1

I really like this! do you think it may be worth changing my deck deck:splinters-of-your-soul to r/g? Its kind of a work in progress and I need advice +1 to you, though. :-)

August 23, 2012 7:03 p.m.

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