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A Breya combo deck, modified from the C16 Invent Superiority precon.

With the announcement of the 4-color Commander decks, I immediately went for all but green because I had a foil Swiftwater Cliffs and Scoured Barrens. I know, the value, right?

Anyways, I eventually moved on to working on other commander decks while the idea of a general gathered dust in the back of my head. I considered all but red too, but four colors in general was not my type.

Fast forward to months later, when the C16 precons were announced. I was interested in anything other than the popular commanders. I tried brewing up lists, with no avail, and slept on the idea some more.

I then decided to try making a deck around Breya, because most of the cards were already in the structure deck, and also I've always had a soft spot for Esper artifact generals. I then took some time and brewed up this list, and I'm going to be using it for a while. It focuses on combos and interactions between artifacts to win the game, and honestly it's a very consistent deck. :)

As with all the decks I make, there will be a budget. This deck will be around $300, and may rise as time goes on. :)

Note I will be upgrading the mana base first, so that will most likely be the best suggestions to make for the time being. Fetches here we go!

There is a turn two combo in this deck, but you will need 5 cards in your opening hand:

Grand Architect + Pili-Pala is a well-known combo, being able to produce infinite mana of any color. This allows us to cast and recast Breya from the command zone after sacking her with her own ability.

Here's how it plays out

T1: Island > Sol Ring > Pili-Pala

T2: Island > Grand Architect > Attack with Pili-Pala > tap Grand Architect for > untap Pili-Pala for > turn Pili-Pala blue, then proceed to produce infinite colored mana to cast Breya and saccing her to her ability ad nauseam.

A very unlikely hand, but it's possible.

  • Extremely consistent and easily-assembled combos

  • Artifacts

  • Lots of support for the deck's theme

  • Vandalblast or any artifact hate

  • People will most likely get bored of the infinite combos in the deck

  • Can get mana screwed rather easily due to being 4 colors. Luckily there's lots of color fixing

  • All of the wincons are via going infinite through the above mentioned combos. Usually either through swinging with infinite hasty thopters, infinite life drain or infinite damage. Beatdown is also viable because of Open the Vaults and Scrap Mastery. :)

    If you like the deck, upvotes/+1's are much appreciated, thanks!


    Updates Add

    I just picked up a Gamble for the deck! This means I need 3-4 more tutors to complete the tutor line-up.

    I've also been debating upping the power level of this deck in adding the Animate Dead + Worldgorger Dragon /Dance of the Dead package once I acquire Entomb. I'll most likely take out the Sharuum combos because the extra cards do win with Breya combining out, but they're win-moar and I'd rather have more boardwipes and means of comboing out once I increase the budget.

    Doomsday might also be added in just because of how OP it is. Will have to build the deck around it a little more, but I shouldn't have too much of a problem with that.

    Pretty amazing and terrifying to see how this deck has evolved over the course of barely a year!

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