Begin by just keeping the board fairly clear, i usually start with no creatures in my hand at all, just a bunch of kill spells and things like Despise / Distress. This is because most of the important creatures cost 4+ mana so you need to keep the board under control for as long as you can, this is also handy as it gives you many opportunities to Surgical Extraction some annoying cards because your opponent should be trying to make the most of you without any creatures and will start pumping threats.

Once you start drawing your big guys it just becomes an aggro game, any combination of creatures/weapons is a sure way to win. i.e.

-Phyrexian Obliterator + Lashwrithe / Batterskull / Phyrexian Metamorph

Sideboard explained (Still working on this):

3x Black Sun's Zenith: I'sve noticed a lot of decks recently taking advantage of exhalted, and a lot of human weenies as well. Side this in to keep clearing the field of 1 toughness creatures.

2x Murder: Sometimes you need some extra kill spells, or the Go for the Throat isnt helping at all with that wurmcoil your opponent keeps tutoring for, helps out a little bit.

1x surgical extration: Having 2 mainboard has shown to be just as effective as 3x in general matchups, versus things like delver and wolfrun you can side this in to help deal with the counterspells and creatures, which tend to come in full playsets in those decks

3x Geth's Verdict: To help get around hexproof creatures, ie Invisible Stalker / Geist of Saint Traft.

2x Hex Parasite: Plainswalker killer, plain and simple, also allows Geralf's Messenger another chance to return from the grave.

3x Nihil Spellbomb: Card draw, but more importantly is good against delver / zombie decks, just make sure you surgical anything you want beforehand.

2x Ghost Quarter: Just something to kill Inkmoth Nexus (not like we cant do that anyway) or Kessig Wolf Run.

1x Praetor's Grasp: Just needed another card for the sideboard and wanted to test this out, and it works well when cast. You can remove a bomb and if that bomb was a wurmcoil or something black then even better.


Updates Add

Even though ive played lots of matches, had my first sanctioned match on monday (closest thing to FNM in my city)

Game 1: 2-0 vs a very slapdash kind of deck, wasnt very difficult to pull out a victory vs this person as most of the cards in the deck didnt work well together.

Game 2: 2-1 vs human token spam with Parallel Lives, Cathars' Crusade and Champion of Lambholt. This is a friends deck and ive been beaten by it on numerous occasions, but i was lucky to have kill spells and Mutilate's when it counted.

Game 3: 1-2 vs artifact ramp. This deck was all about Lingering Souls, Wurmcoil Engine and Sword of War and Peace. Wurmcoil engine proved to be too much of a problem to deal with, even when i blocked with Phyrexian Obliterator. Definately something ill need to consider for later games. Surgically extracting lingering souls was fun just to see the look on the guys face.

Game 4: 2-0 vs Griselbrand frites. To be fair he was having draw issues for one of the rounds. One of the best plays i had was playing Lashwrithe, then attaching it to a creature, then using Tragic Slip on my opponents Inferno Titan due to the morbid trigger from the germ token dieing.

Ended up in the top 4 which im fairly proud of.


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