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The Blackaroni at the bottom of the stairs.

Standard Control Mono-Black




In lieu of recent Crypt Ghasts I've decided it necesarry to come back and update this Mono Black Control. Keeping Descent into Madness because I mean c'mon, who doesn't like self destructive board-states.

Trying to focus on the vampire side of Mono Black seeing as it gives some pretty strong board presence for you to ultimately just get rid of. Gloom Surgeon seemed kinda fun actually since it is effectively a Nighthawk for the ground and my library is ultimately looking to be exiled anyways, while not always the best play I'd say having a couple decent chump blocks tucked away for late game is always nice.

In reality Decent into Madness isn't really even necessary, just play midrange and deal with threats as they come in, it can do that pretty well without needing to churn through itself like a lot of decks do.

As far as the sideboard is concerned; The demon is OP, Heartless Summoning makes us fast as all hell for the aggro match up, Tribute to Hunger gives us life and deals with peskier threats, More vampires is a nice out when needed, Altar's Reap can give you a bit more Madness to play out when you need it, same for the Underworld Connections. Appetite for brains is nice if they're playing a bigger deck, just need to be confident (or positive) there is something big in there.


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