You ever made an infect edh deck and played it in your playgroup for the first time and someone goes "this deck would be STRICTLY better if your commander was atraxa" (you know who you are) so you went home and you started editing the deck and decided alright so you made atraxa the commander and threw in a bunch of proliferate cards and now... welp now you have The Big Mean.

Basically, The deck revolves around giving people those good ol' poison counters and then proliferating them till they die. Easy enough to do. Most of the creatures in this deck have infect and there is also a lot of +1/+1 counter stuff going on as well so you just try to sneak one or two of those mean little buggers past their defenses and BAM! Step One Complete. Now you might say: "wow, I gotta follow steps to this deck oh man oh geez that seems really complicated. I'm not sure if I should play this." Well I'll stop you right there because step two is the easy part. PROLIFERATE! BADDA BAM BADDA BOOM! EASY WINS.

Now thats all the instructions right there so now you can go ahead and start making your friends not wanna play edh with you anymore. And don't forget to show me some love in the comments and feel free throw suggestions in there as well, I'm more than happy to make this deck BIGGER and MEANER.


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