Welcome to my Dimir Control build with Lazav (The OG, not the Surveiler) at the helm.

The deck idea is pretty simple, you control the board with targeted Removal and Counterspells, to take out anything you find offensive to exist, sap away at enemy lifepools with unblockable thumb-tacks (and draw several cards off it, thus fueling the control engine moreso), and whip out one of your Goodstuffs for a Win Condition via Combat Damage, although my favorite is to remove an Enemy stomper and copy them via Lazav, thus using a copy of their own creature to kill them via Commander Damage. Not to mention Lazav's built-in Hexproof will keep him protected from targeted control, whilst your counterspells can have one in reserve for any potential board wipes.

This being my first real Control deck in the Dimir Colors, I could use some suggestions if you think it could be better with certain cards, though I'd really appreciate suggestions on what to take out, thus to not hurt the synergy of the deck.


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