The goal of the deck is to make infinite mana with the combo of card:Axebane Guardian + Freed from the Real to one-shot with Kaervek's Torch or Valakut Invoker or Train of Thought to play whole deck (maybe keeping 5 cards in library to preven milling)

(Changed a bit after dropping Orochi Leafcaller, should be more streamlined)

Opening Hand (or within first 2 draws): 2x Forest, 2x Tinder Wall, Axebane Guardian, Freed from the Real and Kaervek's Torch/Train of Thought/Valakut Invoker

T1: Forest, TW

T2: Forest, TW, Crack one wall to play guardian

T3: Tap 2 lands and guardian for 2 blue and play fftr...inf mana for win con

Brush with Death - Against Hydroblasts that otherwise stop me

Negate - Against control or removal heavy decks

Doom Blade - Against any deck that has a key creature card or goes tall

Electrickery - Against elves or other swarm decks

Nature's Claim - Against any enchantment or artifact heavy deck (might drop)

Spidersilk Armor - Against decks with lots of flyers or to help push creatures from being bolted

Stream of Life - Against burn or maybe izzet blitz

Playtesting a version of the deck without ventsent or red lands and adding control and Doorkeeper. Looking for feedback Non-Red Defender Burn. Seems to be more consistent, although i normally hate mill

Advice? Suggestions? Critiques?


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