Providence is not a good card, but as something to build around it had the potential to be amusing. So the theory is get Providence + Chancellor of the Dross or 2x Chancellors in your opening hand (cough Serum Powder), which means you start on 29/26 life and your opponent is on 17/14. Those cards are then exiled to pay for our Shoals or Soul Spike / Sunscour, because of all the card disadvantage Howling Mine and a bunch of draw a card rocks to cheapen (not quite free)Herald of Anguish and Sly Requisitioner, to give us some form of creature based threat. Utility lands; Mirrorpool lets us copy our "free" spells, Shambling Vent and Mutavault can be creatures.

This deck is jank of the highest order, but it's so stupid it sometimes works... The name is a reference to the "Ikea gun" / "Glass cannon" trope / meme.


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