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Batman: Crime and Punishment - Mathas, EDH

Commander / EDH Death and Taxes RBW (Mardu)



bat brand


You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

Your opponents' creatures are criminals. They always have been. Now you're just holding the mirror up to them. This isn't a typical "group slug" Mathas deck. This is aggression. We'll let them kill creatures and draw cards, but we'll punish them for taking lives as well. Every draw will be pain. Every removal will be a grim reminder that there can be no justice without our permission.

The Wayne Family Fortune


Relevant Lands & Mana

Mostly self-explanatory with a few stand-outs here and there.

Running a few single color fetches for the sake of speed fixing.

  • Revel in Riches is funny for a number of reasons, when Batman is your theme, but the card does work in this deck.



  • Humble Defector is political when used before Mathas is available and one sided when used after. Homeward Path is the ideal, but you could also place a bounty counter on it, kill it and get card draw.

  • Wheel of Fortune combined with any of our cards that ping opponents is always helpful.

utility belt

Martial Combat



All of it is self-explanatory. It's worth talking about Bounty Hunter for the obvious synergy with Mathas. The card's amazing and if you can protect it, do so.

There's plenty of removal for single targets, as well as mass removal. Never fear to pop a removal spell on something for the sake of triggering the bounty counter death effect. Some of our targets exile, but this is purely to deal with Indestructible.

Massacre Wurm is great to deal with token decks and it'll deal tons of damage.

Toshiro Umezawa has an awesome bit of synergy in the deck, allowing you to double up on kill spells, immediately.



Ob Nixilis Reignited serves all three purposes of our deck well: Draw, Removal and Draw-based damage. He's a no-brainer and easily earned his spot in the deck. Like any good sidekick, he serves to make our hero better, stronger, more efficient and more focused.

  1. We have very little in the way of hard recursion; the deck focuses not on the graveyard, but on board presence. Batman couldn't bring back his parents and neither can we.

  2. Aggressive by design, but we're running light on creatures. We'll need to conserve some mana when we can.

  3. We have to use Mathas for combat damage for the most part, so all eyes tend to be on him; his Menace keyword, along with ways to give him Haste, Unblockable, +1/+1 counters and of course Sunforger , he's a very reasonable aggro target.


If you liked the deck, please give it an upvote! I never thought I'd make a Mathas deck, but honestly, he rules.


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