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The Bard of Wolves

Commander / EDH*


Who needs red in their werewolf deck?? Well, a lot of the red werewolves are actually pretty great, but I think Yisan makes a good enough commander for them to justify leaving them out.

This is basically the cEDH shell for Yisan but forced into werewolf tribal instead of the normal shenanigans. It won't be a great deck, but I think it's cool as hell. Gigantomancer is a pet card of mine and is only in because he's passable, even though I don't have a 7-drop to pod into him.

Play 1-mana ramp > play Yisan turn 2 > play a stax piece if you have it > ??? > profit!

If you want to make it better cut gigantomancer and something else and throw an avenger and craterhoof in.


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