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The Banana Man Cometh EDH

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai) Control


Tasigur control EDH. Currently wants to grind out against midrange and slower combo decks as my meta has slowed down considerably. Currently wins with infinite mana through Tidespout tyrant and the Reality Shift/Beast Within/Tasigur combo.

There are a number of control engines in the deck that help me manipulate the flow of the game. The most notable of which are:

Necromancy/Kederekt Leviathan for as many instant speed board wipes as I need to stabilize against permanent based decks.

Counterbalance/SDT to aid in winning stack battles and catch some combo pieces (my meta is pretty low to the ground cmc-wise so that helps this card function well)

Chains of Mephistopheles/Wheel Effect to bring everyone back to the Stone Age where I can grind them all to dust with Tasigur value.

Eldritch Evolution and the Reanimation package help me cheat out an early threat to buy me time or just flat take over a game. The notable targets for these effects are Kederekt Leviathan(as I mentioned before), Nezahal, the Primal Tide(this is the value target if you aren’t ready to win or the board isn’t clogged, also dominates the control mirror), and Tidespout Tyrant(auxiliary board control option, and our primary combo piece to end the game.)

As far as generating value goes, we want effects that are reusable and can let us develop out resources with spare mana.

Tasigur, the Golden Fang is a great mana outlet, but he requires a fair bit of practice to use properly. If you want that Counterspell back instead of that Arbor Elf, it often pays to wait until the last possible moment to activate Tasigur. When that Cyclonic Rift is on the stack, giving you that Counterspell starts looking like a REALLY good idea.

Thrasios, Triton Hero is a wonderful way to accrue value with spare mana, giving us an outlet when people hit Tasigur with that Pithing Needle.

Seedborn Muse is not a card I’m actually a fan of. It’s overplayed in the EDH community in decks that can’t actually accomplish anything with the spare mana. That said, any deck with a mana outlet in their commandzone can go freaking wild with it. If you’re getting 5-6 Tasigur or Thrasios activations per turn cycle, you are likely well on your way to winning the game.

Life from Loam is extremely valuable in a deck that tries to minimize dead cards in support of Tasigur. There are no cantrips in the deck, getting a Brainstorm or Ponder back with Tasigur is a terrible feeling, but we can generate similar advantage using the combination of life from the Loam and 2-3 Cycling lands. There are also several fetchlands and a Strip Mine in the deck to round out our Life from Loam package. The dredge on Life from Loam also allows us to break parity on Chains of Mephistopheles when Tasigur is unavailable.

Other notable cards that help me fight my current metagame:

Baleful Strix is a valuable stonewall against aggressive creature decks and keeps Timmy swinging his dinosaurs at our opponents instead of us. It will also be given back to you off of Tasigur once per turn cycle if it keeps dying. This would actually be a bad thing if Baleful Strix didnt 2 for 1 almost every creature of significant combat threat in this format with a trade and a drawn card.


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