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I wanted to make a deck that actually uses Spine of Ish Sah effectively. My other option was red(/blue) with big artifacts and Geosurge which I might make eventually just for fun. I don't know if this use considered using it 'effectively,' but it is an attempt. Has those stupid combos in here that everyone hates (including myself) such as Venser + Dignitary and Sun Titan + Image...etc.

Phyrexia's Core is the only viable way I could think of to reuse Spine of Ish Sah without Venser, plus life gain isn't bad. Throne of Geth is my other option, but I'm not really going for infect unless I need to. Why not make a land, which I need in the deck anyway, do it for me? I think it makes sense.


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Illegal cards Trinket Mage , Phantasmal Image , Seachrome Coast , Inkmoth Nexus , Contagion Engine , Vedalken Certarch , Treasure Mage , Phyrexian Metamorph , Mox Opal , Tumble Magnet , Wurmcoil Engine , Venser, the Sojourner , Stonehorn Dignitary , Sun Titan , Buried Ruin , Chimeric Mass , Phyrexia's Core , Solemn Simulacrum , Spine of Ish Sah , Grand Architect
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