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The Aristocracy



Aggressive combo deck. Tokens help to buffer opponent's creatures until they are burnable. Sideboard is mostly control hate, where large amounts of creatures will break through the amount of control they have.


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I played at a standard tournament Wednesday and these are the results.

Round 1: BG aggro

First game I had to mulligan to 5.. bad start, He quickly played Dreg Mangler and Knight of Infamy . I played Intangible Virtue and Gather the Townsfolk . He kept swinging for 3 until I could regain board control. I tragic slipped his knight and double blocked his Dreg Mangler , but he destroyed Intangible Virtue with a Golgari Charm and killed my humans. Game was very close. Life:2 - 0---- Second game I quickly won with tokens and a switch to Silverblade Paladin and Falkenrath Aristocrat .---- Game 3 ended quite long. I don't quite remember how it played out, but I lost relatively badly because of his Dreg Mangler s. He played an Increasing Savagery on one of them and I couldn't kill it.

Round 2: BG graveyard Easy 2 wins. This deck was poorly made. He had Boneyard Wurm s and Splinterfright , and well as ghoul tree which was easy enough to block with tokens. I made quick work of his deck.

Round 3: Pillow Wall

By far the weirdest deck I have seen. Game 1 he kept Oblivion Ring ing and Detention Sphere ing my creatures. He then played Curse of Death's Hold and played 2 Sphere of Safety s. keeping me from doing anything. ---- Game 2 I quickly played tokens and buffed them. Silverblade Paladin with Falkenrath Aristocrat to make a quick win.---- Game 3 he played the same game as 1, but I oblivion ringed 2 of his oblivion rings. He then detention sphered mine and made quick work as he put down 2 more Sphere of Safety s and I conceded. ---- His win strategy was Nephalia Drownyard to mill you out.

Round 4: Game 1 he mulliganned down to 4 and I quickly sped ahead to kill him. ---- Game 2 he played Avacyn's Pilgrim to a turn 2 Arbor Elf and Farseek to a turn 4 Angel of Serenity . He quickly made work of my deck.---- Game 3 I Pillar of Flame d his ramp and quickly Silverblade Paladin and Hellrider for 12 damage turn 4. He had no rebuttal and conceded.----

There it is 2-2. Fun tournament, but I didn't get to test on any America control or Naya midgame.

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