It's like Halloween, fun from the grave only happens once a year!

Look at me making a tri-colour deck. These are fun I need to do more

Karador, Ghost Chieftain Noble with Murderous Redcap, Meadowboon, Offalsnout, and Waning Wurm uncommons. His ability is actually amazing. Makes for a great toolbox

Ramp mana and get creatures in the graveyard to rush Karador, Ghost Chieftain to the field and reanimate all your sacrifices.

Deadly Recluse and Fume Spitter - Fast blockers. Once Karador is out Fume Spitter can be used for -1/-1's every turn!

Krosan Tusker, Twisted Abomination, Viscera Dragger, and Yoked Plowbeast - Cycling to get into the graveyard. Giant hitters when they get out. Also I find Yoked Plowbeast adorable. Just me?

Meadowboon, Mournwhelk, Offalsnout - Evoke to get into the grave. Meadowboon can be a reusable +1/+1 engine and a great hitter. And I won't lie Offalsnout and Mournwhelk are in here for their WTF artwork. Their abilities are just a bonus

Murderous Redcap - One of my very first cards. Always nice to add a dash of red in!

Waning Wurm - I'm between this or Ravaging Riftwurm. The idea is just a fast intimidating board-pressence that I can just re-use later. Ravaging Riftwurm is faster for about the same stats, but Waning Wurm is slightly stronger and can be tutored.

Dimir House Guard - Dat tutor. He can summon all of my uncommons (save the weird one) as well as help with my field/graveyard balance.

Oh and Qasali Pridemage is the obligitory artifact/enchant destruction who just-so-happens to have exalted too!

Apostle's Blessing, Dawn Charm, Evolution Charm, Crystallization and Vines of Vastwood - My lovely control. Crystallization is like a pacifism that kills the monster when it tries to escape. It's awesome.

Sakura-Tribe Elder, Krosan Tusker, and Evolution Charm - Mana ramp, because I didn't have enough.

Grisly Salvage - Stole this from my worm token deck. The more in the graveyard the merrier!

Last but not least Armadillo Cloak and Shield of the Oversoul are the enchantments. Yup. Staple them onto Karador, Ghost Chieftain and he becomes a flying/trampling 7/8 ghost-horse-man with lifelink who can't be destroyed and brings all his friends back to life. So basically the life of the party

Overall I'm quite pleased with this deck. As usual any suggestions are much appreciated!

..Don't I have a contest I should be working on....


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This deck just taught me how much I can't spell "Chieftain"


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