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This is a (kinda sorta not really) themed Mono-White Soldier Tribal EDH deck I've built. I've paired them all together to maximize Soldier token creature, as well as boosts for that specific Subtype. This deck is meant for semi-competitive gameplay with friends, rather than being a full on butt and playing to win instead of for fun. If I wanted an unfun, competitive token deck, I'd be making a Krenko, Mob Boss EDH deck, even though the swarm of goblins is hilarious.

So thanks to the commander of the human alliance, Darien, any damage you'll take will create Tokens. Of course the biggest red flag is his cost. A CMC 6 will require me to go on a major defensive until I'm able to produce the mana for him. The main strategy I've planned out for this deck is to build up as many tokens as I can, maximizing cards like Coat of Arms or Field Marshal to boost their strength, as well as an almost essential priortity, bringing out Soul Warden , Suture Priest, or even the more enticing Angelic Chorus so that spawning these tokens (an action almost every card plans to do), will gain me life, and in edition, with one of those out, being dealt damage will instead prevent that damage and create tokens equal to the damage.

I will be the first to say I've only been playing Magic for about half a year now, but I am enjoying it. This is not the first deck I've built, but it is the first real serious deck I've been working on. The easiest flaws so far I can see is a deck with a multitude of Flying or Trample creatures will be able to get around my sheer numbers, though I have put in a few Flying creatures in there, along with spells to make creatures indestructible so that they can become blockers (However the priority of them is meant for the Soul Warden and the like who will be my main source of obtaining life.). Another thing is I could probably use some good Mono-White tutors to get things going out much faster, and perhaps some more Artifacts for multiple mana?

I should say before any suggestions that I absolutely DO NOT plan on using any sort of Infinite Combos for this deck. I understand they can be very fun, however it is not in my playstyle, and the group I play with agrees as well.

That being said, I would love some feedback on this deck, as I would like to build something that lasts, and may possibly even become a main deck I use. Please let me know which cards I could do without, and which cards would make this deck even better!


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