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The Aggro That Changed My Meta

Standard Aggro BG (Golgari)


This is a deck that I put together with the help from Nox.LD and I am hoping will do well in my meta.


Boon Satyr : This is a good 3 drop if I need a creature this is a good card to flash in at the end of their turn, also it is good for the enchantment part so if i have the mana and need an extra push, I can apply that push.

Dreg Mangler : 3 drop 3/3 haste... Awesome, its a good 3 drop that helps push the damage even more while evolving Experiment One.

Lotleth Troll: This card in combo with Scavenging Ooze is a devastating combo that can get way out of hand.

Reaper of the Wilds: This is a good card for late game against a white weenies deck or a low drop aggro deck. Plus giving it deathtouch or hexproof makes it a good card against a RG Monstrosity deck or a mono red burn.

Scavenging Ooze: This is a good card that can stop Immortal Servitude or any other re-animating cards, plus its good with Lotleth Troll to get lots 'o counters on the two cards and have massive power.

Varolz, the Scar-Stripped: This is a good card to get +1/+1 counters on cards and get even more power from cards like Desecration Demon and Boon Satyr .

Other Spells:

Abrupt Decay: The most OP spell to stop aggro decks and any low mana planewalkers such as Domi Rade.

Doom Blade: This is a good card to get rid or pesky low drop creatures that can be a pain late game, or late game get rid of a large creature for low mana.

Hero's Downfall: This is the card that destroys any planeswalker or any annoying creature.

Please leave comments on how to improve the deck, and please play test this deck against others and tell me how it goes. Thanks!!


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