This deck is built for Humans the only non-humans in the deck are the tokens generated by Hero of Bladehold.

Card Breakdown:

Gavony Township - +1/+1 to everything for longer games and mana dumps

CMC: 1

Avacyn's Pilgrim - is the only 1 drop and works as a mana accelerator as sources of White

Abundant Growth The same Mana FIxing that Borderland Ranger supplied for 2 less mana and more card advantage.

CMC 2:

Mayor of Avabruck   - Used for +1/+1 to humans but can also generate tokens

Hamlet Captain - Also gives +1/+1 to humans, a little more conditional but an anthem nontheless

CMC 3:

Thatcher Revolt - Used for 3 humans that can be anywhere from 1/1s to easily 4/4+

Silverblade Paladin - Grants double strike and is human

Champion of Lambholt - Gets bigger and makes your creatures unblockable

Adaptive Automaton - More +1/+1 goodness and is human

Crusader of Odric - Gets big. I mean seriously BIG.

CMC 4:

Hero of Bladehold - Generates 2 tokens upon attacking and has battle cry

Goldnight Commander - The big part of the deck making Thatcher Revolt enter as 4/4s and giving everything +3/+3+ and also combos with Hero of Bladehold's tokens. Multiple make for huge hits.

Land Distribution

There are less Plains than Mountains due to the fact that Cavern of Souls in this deck is strictly Green and White source of mana (the only red cards are spells (Thatcher Revolt and Bonfire of the Damned)) Due to that there is an equal number of land sources for each color: Green 18 (4 Cavern of Souls, 5 Forest, 3 Rootbound Crag, 3 Sunpetal Grove, 3 Borderland Ranger). White 16 (4 Cavern of Souls, 2 Plains , 3 Sunpetal Grove, 3 Borderland Ranger, 4 Avacyn's Pilgrim) Red 10 (4 Mountain, 3 Rootbound Crag, 3 Borderland Ranger)

An ideal Hand -

Turn 1: Forest and Avacyn's Pilgrim

Turn 2: Sunpetal Grove, Mayor of Avabruck  , and Avacyn's Pilgrim

Turn 3: Rootbound Crag and Goldnight Commander

Turn 4: Thatcher Revolt Swing for 35


Fiend Hunter - Is good against Phyrexian Obliterator decks (which are EVERYWHERE in my meta) Is also a human and can deal with cards like Undead Alchemist

Same with Oblivion Ring - Being able to snag Shrine of Burning Rage and other Oblivion Rings

Intrepid Hero - Stalls big creature players and gets pumped. Good choice.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - Is good against any type of control/burn causing Mana Leak to be 3 mana, Ponder 2, and is an all around good card with 2/1 first strike

Zealous Conscripts - Planeswalker Shenanigans

Naturalize - Destroys anything from Birthing Pod to Wurmcoil Engine and Angelic Destiny to Curse of Death's Hold



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