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That Azusa deck with 69 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) basic forests.

Commander / EDH


This deck was originally based of this one

One of my favorite decks. It has a little bit of everything. Want to mill your opponents, alter of dementia is there for you.

Want to kill that pesky Oloro player with 150+ life? Craterhoof Behemoth is up for the task.

Want to play lands to draw cards? Horn of Greed, Tireless Tracker, Seer's Sundial and god help your opponents if Nissa, Vital Force lasts a turn on the board. (Ultimating Nissa on turn 5 and then casting Boundless Realms feels like cheating.)

Is there anyone playing black at your table? Put them in timeout with Lifeforce and your 10+ tapped lands.

Did that blue player just flash in Teferi at the end of your turn? Cast Seed Time while it's on the stack.

Need to start eating peoples boards, draw four cards or maybe that mill player keeps on milling your deck? Kozilek, Butcher of Truths has it all covered.

Does someone have a commander coming straight for your face? Let them get Lost in the Woods.

Does a combo player have a crazy board presence with a ton of artifacts or enchantments? Wave goodbye to them with Wave of Vitriol.

This deck is one of my most favorite decks, and don't let the high land count fool you. You're not lost in the woods with your play group, they're lost in the woods with you.


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