This is my version of the Thassa's Overwhelming Wave deck by FeralKitten. I really liked the theme of the deck that he went for and did a little collaboration on some of the cards that he put in the deck. My version of the deck has been tweaked a bit and switched out several cards for ones I feel fit better.

First off I switched out Thing in the Ice  Flip with Chasm Skulker as I feel it was performing too slowly and took too long to transform. Every time there was a bounce effect, the card would essentially reset and I would have to star over with it. Chasm Skulker sticks with the theme of the deck of sea creatures and can become quickly overwhelming with the tokens it creates.

Reliquary Tower was replaced with Scrying Sheets as I never really faced the issue of having too large of a hand. Scrying Sheets allows the possibility of drawing an extra land each turn.

Instead of regular Islands, I've switched those out for Snow-Covered Islands for better synergy with Extraplanar Lens and enables the use of Scrying Sheets

Blue Sun's Zenith was switched out with Pull from Tomorrow. It costs one blue less and I'm usually okay with discarding one card from my hand.

I am always looking to tweak the deck further, so any suggestions are very much appreciated.


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