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Thantis The Wallweaver ( Budget Brew )

Commander / EDH BRG (Jund) Budget Jank Voltron



"She spins a web few can resist. Its sweet aroma sparks chaos in every heart"

Boy oh Boy, I have been waiting for this commander for a long time. You could argue that Fumiko the Lowblood does the same, but she's mono red. So how do we go about breaking Thantis, the Warweaver? well first we go about breaking the symmetry by being wall tribal, with a single copy of Assault Formation if we really wanna go aggro, but mostly we will be only attacking with Thantis, the Warweaver. But ask yourself, what precious few can resist the call? Planeswalkers, so though this definitely isn't superfriends, we still run two planeswalkers.
As mentioned before, this deck is somewhat voltron, which is why we have a few voltron things in here too, now because this is budget we aren't using the sword cycle, so Argentum Armor, Ring of Xathrid, Ring of Kalonia, and the boots should be good. Now, you may look at these two equipments; Peregrine Mask and Dragon Throne of Tarkir, and ask yourself, "Why are these cards in here", well you see not all our deck is defenders, for example Kazuul, Tyrant of the Cliffs, and Custodi Lich are two people we don't want wading out into combat. In addition there are two creatures that help even more, and you have probably never heard of them, Evil Eye of Orms-by-Gore and Evil Eye of Urborg. I have no idea what wizards was thinking either.
As you are looking over the list you probably see a lot of walls that care about power, or mo so killing things ( Wall of Blood, Wall of Vipers, etc. ) this is so when your opponents have to attack with their special little "Utility creatures" you pound them into the dirt by pumping your Wall of Blood until it kills the fragile things, this also does wonders against commanders, and god forbid you have a fling in hand for afterwards. But here's another question, why would your opponents attack you? why I'm glad you asked, if you haven't noticed, there is somewhat of a Monarch subtheme in Thorn of the Black Rose Skyline Despot and others, so using your walls, you defend against all possible attempts of crown-stealing. Which gives you card draw and other benefits if the card allows it.


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