This is an aggro leaning midrange deck that is designed to force an earlier resolution to EDH pod games. Several cards, like the commander, force (or encourage) attacks and other cards hose many of the enablers of combos. Collectively the intent is to kick the knees out from under the combo decks and close the game out before they and control decks can do their thing. For the other aggro decks in the pod, other effects like goad/crawlspace, untapping/vigilance, and punishment like the commander's +1/+1 and Marchesas Decree help ensure we stay on top.

As for the creatures, i elected to try and go over (ie, big) but a fair arguement could be made for trying to go wide and around with more smaller creatures.

Castle Locthwain?
Tempt with Immortality? -> Fiendish Duo
Necropolis Regent? -> Calculating Lich
Beastmaster Ascension? -> Royal Assassin


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