The strategy for this deck is simple:1. Gain control of your opponents creatures2. Attack them with their own creature3. Sacrifice it before they can get it back

It may seen like a comical Idea, and I had doubts myself at first. But I found a way to make it consistent to have a capture spell and a way to sacrifice it. So to start off I added capture spells.

Hijack,Wrangle, and Kari Zev's Expertise all serve the purpose of capturing they make up a 6th of my deck. Kari Zev's Expertise is the best of these and has great synergies. You can use it to cast Fling or Costly Plunder for an immediate capture and sac. You can also use it to cast any of the other two drops, especially if your not drawing land of the right type. In addition to this we have Captivating Crew who capture infintely.

Now for the sacrificing cards. Costly Plunder is great. Defiant Salvager is an easy way to sac indefinitely and attack for game. The reason I only have two yahenni, undying partidanIs because he is better than Defiant Salvager, but only in a few situations. Defiant salvager sacks to get one ones, but yahenni only gets them from opponents creatures dying, but since we are Stealing they count as our creatures. Hidden Stockpile is the reason I splashed white. The plan is to start the cycle by sacking a creature, at the end of your turn you get a 1/1. The you can sac that creature to scry, then at the end of your turn you get a replacement for it, and so on. Since I splashed white I added start//finish. You can use these token to sacrifice if your opponent is running low creatures. then finish is self explanatory.

The sideboard is still up for debate and I need help deciding about the maybe board cards. Any upvotes and advice would be appreciated.


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