Welcome to oathbreaker! A new 60 card singleton format that uses plainswalkers as commanders and a signature spell.

Having played legacy for a decade+, cedh, not to mention a ton of onslaught/mirrordin standard back in the day, when I first saw the format my first thought was AFFINITY.

The goal of the deck is the same as every affinity deck: as much as fast as possible. This differs from a modern affinity deck becauae it has a way of replenishing itself once it runs out of fuel in the form of a recastable thoughtcast in the command zone.

Typical progression

Turn 1: unload as many zero drop/ 1 drop artifacts as your mana allows. Mox diamond, Mox opal and lotus petal are turn 1 all-star

Turn 2: throw down a sol land and or a 2 drop creature. We want to make sure We have a blocker to protect tezz next turn.

Turn 3:get tezzeret down and plus him. He can come down turn 2 with an isolated draw but it may not always be opportune. 3 is his average turn to drop

Turn 4: go nuts this is the big action turn were the deck starts threatening lethality. By now you should have 5 or 6 artifacts out or an opponent around 14 life. Spam off 2 thoughtcast to fill your hand and put out as many artifacts as possible. The goal is to ult tezz and eliminate a player (typically the one that poses the greatest threat to you). 10 artifacts makes his ult lethal to the starting life total but 7 usual gets the job done if you have been diligently harassing your opponent with creatures for the first 3 turns.

Turn 5: ulting tezz on turn 4 typically kills him but who cares? now we have a full loaded board state with 35-40 life. Let affinity do what it does best: belch out damage. Beating down the remaining players should not be hard. Most players are just casting there commander around turn 5.

More to come..



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