Inspired by Pump infect decks, the interaction between infect creatures and Livewire Lash, and a deck I cant remember (lol), This is my take on a Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas/Inkmoth Nexus infect deck. Although one of my least favorite game mechanics, this was the first standard competitive deck I was drawn to building. Everyone loves those infect/pump decks, so I took it a step further and used the triggered effect of Livewire Lash with the pump spells to give an automatic 2 infect damage straight at whatever you want with every pump spell. The +2/+0 doesn't hurt either. Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas is there to bump those Inkmoth Nexus' up to 5/5's to get that infect damage early, and to help pseudo-tutor a Livewire Lash or any other artifact creature. Artful Dodge serves to ensure the final blow gets through and also allows Livewire Lash to trigger. Standard pump spells like Titanic Growth and Mutagenic Growth obviously make this deck go. Unnatural Predation is especially effective on a blocked Ichorclaw Myr giving it a +3/+3 trample plus anything else you can give it. Wurmcoil Engine is in just for general annoyance. Havengul Lich is there for recursion and Birds of Paradise is for mana fixing and to help speed along Wurmcoil Engine. It could still use some fine tuning but Id like to take this to FNM in the near future or possibly even a larger tournament. I also need help on a sideboard that can make this deck more formidable against some of the popular decks in the standard format these days. All suggestions are much appreciated :)


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Blightsteel Colossus was just way too slow, so hes out. Since the only ramp in the deck was Birds of Paradise, the earliest I could have him out would be turn 8 and I would want to win by that point most of the time.


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