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Tezzerectile disfunction

Modern* Aggro Control U/B (Dimir)



This is my version of how tezzeret works with artifacts.. T1: Vault Skirge or Darksteel Axe or Ponder depending on what kind of land I get + Darksteel Relic T2: same idea as turn 1 except sometimes keep mana open for Mana Leak T3: Phylactery Lich T4: Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas, -1 on Vault Skirge or on indestructible artifact and swing for 10 T5: repeat turn 4 T6: Life's Finale or Wurmcoil Engine

UPDATE SIDEBOARD: 8/2/11Added 3x Evil Presence - for Inkmoth NexusAdded 3x Torpor Orb for both infinite life gain and twin comboAdded 2x Memoricide for big guysAdded 3x Steel Sabotage for batterskull decks

UPDATE: FNM 8/6/11Game 1: I played against a mono blue mill..since i have no response to mill i lost 2-0. I added 2x Elixir of Immortality

Game 2: I played against a black zombie deck with use of Lashwrithe and Adaptive Automaton. I won 2-1.

Game 3: I played against a mono black vampires deck. I kept the game controlled, and he got mana screwed one game. I won 2-1

Game 4: I Played against a black control deck with use of Vault Skirge and Lashwrithe. I won that one 2-1 as well after i memoricided his Phyrexian Obliterator.

Game 5: I played against a U/R pyromancer, and whenever he sideboarded a Mass Polymorph deck, i won that series with ease as game 1 he couldnt get any ascensions out, and game two because i memoricided his Emrakul, the Aeons Torn.

We ended up spliting top 8.

As for updates to the deck, i've decided to take out 1x Darksteel Axe and 1x Darksteel Relic , and replaced them with 2x Memoricide . This left 2 slots open in my sideboard, so i added 2xElixir of Immortality.


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