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Teysa, Token Shenanigans

Commander / EDH* WB (Orzhov)


archetypes: token control

deck motto: Sacrificing tokens for fun and profit

Built using the white Forged in Stone precon as a skeleton, but it's been heavily modified since then to support both the token theme and Teysa's abilities. A typical gamestate consists of a source of token generation and a sac outlet, letting me transform resources into tokens, and tokens into value.


early game: mostly focusing on hitting land drops, and playing small creatures in preparation for midgame, when I have more resources to throw around

midgame: start setting up engines - ways for me to repeatedly kill creatures/spawn tokens/draw cards.

lategame: engines feed into each other for massive value - mana turns into tokens, tokens turn into cards and removal. goal is to keep opponent's boards clear and keep attacking until they die.


deck is rather reliant on building engines and having them stick around - if my token generation is cut off, or if I have no sac outlet, then the deck can't be as productive. also can have problems when under a lot of pressure - Teysa's ability exile ability is an inherent 3-for-1, which means it should only be used as a last resort, or if you have massive numbers of tokens to burn. I don't have a lot of spot removal other than Teysa, so getting a Grave Pact effect online is pretty important.


-no tutors, which wasn't intentional, but I think works well. deck is fairly straightforward to play, which means it's good for lending.

-I have one or two combos in the deck, but they aren't the primary focus. opponents will generally see their inevitable demise.

-good amount of recursion. I sort of want to incorporate a reanimator subtheme.


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