Something... stranger than usual. Who likes PW ultimates? We're harvesting PW ultimates, particularly token-creating ultimates.

Our goal is to use Teysa's abilities to remove high-threat opposing creatures, and the tokens to be expendable blockers for my PWs. We plan to win through planeswalker ultimate abilities, and eventual token aggro.

The deck does not intend to win through infinite combos, but Sun Titan + Gift of Immortality + any sac outlet does go infinite. I am not running the Darkest Hour combo with Teysa, as it is not where I want to go with this deck.

The deck is not intended to be an aristocrats deck; I do not intend to include Dictate of Erebos -style effects.

I really could use some help figuring out other non-creature token sources, as well as good draw effects to include here. Thank you for any help you can give!


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So. I have ordered the card Teferi's Protection 3 times online.

The first time it showed up torn in half.

The second time it never showed up.

The third time the envelop showed up with the top torn off and no card inside.

I think I've gotta find a different card for that slot?


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