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Teshar Eggs combo shenanigans

Commander / EDH* Combo Mono-White


this is my work-in-progress Teshar combo deck. There is one main combo but the pieces are interchangeable with multiple cards making it more consistent. The goal of the deck is to cycle through your deck using a variety of value artifacts, cantrips, and cycling lands until you can finally assemble your combo. Teshar + Krark-Clan Ironworks + Workshop Assistant/Junk Diver/Myr Retriever + any cmc 2 or less artifact = infinite mana

Teshar + Sac Outlet + Cathodion + mana reducer + a recursion artifact = infinite mana

Teshar + Ashnod’s Altar/ Krark-Clan Ironworks + a recursion artifact + Perilous Myr = infinite damage

And many more combos and variants and some don’t even require Teshar.

This is my first deck on TappedOut, hope you enjoy and would love any feedback, thanks :)


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