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Terravore and his merry band of land eaters

Legacy BRG (Jund) Competitive Control Land Destruction



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I don’t own this deck.

I put this list together, liked it, then decided to make it as best as it could be so have added in super expensive Legacy cards I’ll never be able to afford (and if I could would rather spend the money on a holiday). However, if you have the cards and like the list by all means build it or build around it.

opening hand

If you go first and have two swamps and a Sinkhole in your opening hand you will get off to a very good start, pinning them back straight away.

Land fall

Once you have 3 to 4 mana you can start churning your lands and triggering landfall abilities twice per turn.


Obviously the wincon is Terravore however there are some other solid guys in here.

Undergrowth Champion can get out of hand quickly and Grazing Gladehart can gain you up to 4 life per turn.

Pitential cards to include

Toying with Crucible of Worlds and Vinelasher Kudzu


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