Eldrazi tentacles powered by Tron lands. Not new, not original, and difficult to alter the established decklist without making it strictly worse. Full sets of Matter Reshaper , Thought-Knot Seer and Reality Smasher provide the main muscle while Walking Ballista s do their thing. I'd like to swap said constructs for something more flavourful but Endless One is embarrassingly poor. Lurking at the higher end of the creature spectrum are a pair of Endbringer s plus Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger and Kozilek, Butcher of Truth . Aside from these four and a single copy each of Karn Liberated and All Is Dust I've tried to avoid letting the CMC creep too high though: multiple Wurmcoil Engine s and Ugin, the Spirit Dragon are for Green Tron. Instead, we get to roll with a playset of Chalice of the Void , which can simply be an "I win game one" button on occasion. Dismember and Spatial Contortion pretend to be Lightning Bolt and fail, but what else are you gonna do in colourless? In the flex slot at the moment sits Ugin, the Ineffable . I wasn't finding it beneficial to double up on Basilisk Collar and I like the versatility he offers. Sixteen of my lands are non-negotiable and Ghost Quarter is so good that I'd happily run the full set but the interaction offered by Blast Zone is too strong to. The prevalence of U/W Control (which is just an abysmal match-up for us) means I have three Wastes in the mainboard rather than two plus an Ugin's Nexus or Sea Gate Wreckage like most E-Tron decks. Being able to get something out of being repeatedly hit with Path to Exile or Field of Ruin is essential to keep applying pressure. I did go against the grain a tiny bit though by substituting Gargoyle Castle until I got hold of a Cavern of Souls , with the thinking being that the token made for a credible flying offence/defense which got maximum value out of Spatial Contortion . But the truth is that if you want to play this deck against a blue mage, you need that Cavern. Sad face goes with empty wallet.
...oh, you wanted tactics? Surprise, it's a Tron deck! Ideally utilize Expedition Map to quickly build silly mana, then pump it all into a Ballista equipped with Basilisk Collar . Or a turn three Karn. Or a turn four Ulamog/Kozilek. People looove seeing that. However, the "small" Eldrazi in this deck are such good value that even without Urza's help they reward being played on curve or a turn early with Eldrazi Temple . Having a viable non-Tron game plan also makes for a less disruptable deck than those which need the combo to reliably cast most of their pieces, and therefore can work around Blood Moon , land destruction or the recent squall of Tron hate-cards with a little more wiggle room. The real difficulty, even with the Chalices locking out the efficient 1 and 2 CMCs of Modern, is in the lack of interaction the deck offers. With only Thought-Knot Seer as hand disruption and limited removal options every one needs to count. Where the deck does shine is in its tenacity: few others can keep up with the sheer number of threats it pumps out. Being largely immune to Fatal Push is a nice bonus too. Play the long game, and eventually something will resolve. Probably something big...
Alongside all the familiar sideboard picks for modern, Warping Wail is a reasonable toolbox card able to ramp, counter sorcery-based combos, prevent something bigger falling prey to Liliana of the Veil or even remove small utility creatures in a pinch. My meta doesn't make it worth the main but I like to have the versatility on demand just in case Scapeshift or whatever turns up one night. Skysovereign, Consul Flagship comes in when I need the extra damage for small creatures, a faster clock or just some flying. I've also become convinced swapping Pithing Needle out for Sorcerous Spyglass has made an appreciable difference as not only do you get that vital hand information to help you plan for counters, but it also won't compete with Expedition Map for a first turn play OR be countered by your own Chalice that you shoved out to shut down Path/Opt. Because when that happens and then you can't stop them activating their Jace, the Wallet Rapist , it feels bad man.
Crucible of Worlds , Everflowing Chalice , Mind Stone and Oblivion Stone are all potential mainboard material that could take the place of Ugin depending on whether I find myself wishing I could ramp more reliably, recur lands (repeatable Ghost Quarter s sound pretty good) or blow up everything without having to board in Ratchet Bomb .

Sundering Titan feels like it could be amazing value in several match-ups but I'd be cutting Kozilek to mainboard it or Skysovereign to sideboard. At eight mana I may as well be paying two more and dropping a titan that has a cast trigger rather than having to resolve, while the latter has so much utility that I know I'd miss not being able to bring it in very quickly. This deck just can't afford sideboard cards that might be useful in a niche scenario.

Speaking of: Grafdigger's Cage ! I know it's strong. However I personally don't play enough against the decks it locks out - especially given the absence of Faithless Looting . In addition I don't really feel that it's worth dedicating a single slot to a card I have to mulligan hard for when I do use it rather than just doubling up on Relic of Progenitus , which is a tad more flexible and I'd never be sorry to see two of.

Both Defense Grid and Thorn of Amethyst would go a long way towards putting me at ease when tapping out to cast in my own turn. While in theory they could help to answer one of the serious flaws of the deck I've no idea what I'd cut for them. Maybe Surgical Extraction ? I do worry that I'm using it poorly in a deck with no discard but sometimes you get to exile all their win cons, so there is that.

Ward of Bones is a weird one. Its ability is actually quite relevant considering that we ramp by making our lands tap for more rather than playing extra ones, and our creatures are definitely quantity over quality. The drawback is that it's quite expensive mana-wise and by the time we'd play it I'd rather see something else.

Last, but certainly not least, Karn, the Great Creator . I know that there's a certain school of thought that sees Karn-Lock as the natural evolution of this deck but I'm not convinced. My primary objection is that the K-man isn't exactly splashable, and in order to squeeze in a playset plus his Mind Stone batteries I'd need to remove the cards that make this deck what it is. I enjoy having payoff cards such as the titans and mainboarding Spatial Contortion , while having to kiss half my useful sideboard goodbye because that's where he keeps all his toys fills me with about as much joy as being Lattice locked. Finally, there's always the possibility that if you play a short first game against a new opponent that they'll assume you're packing Karn and sideboard incorrectly.

This part is mainly for me to record how I've been switching up the deck vs what I've played so far, but if any other E-Tron players think I'm making mistakes here or have questions feel free to comment.

5-Colour Humans

Vials make the Chalices pretty useless so they become extra removal for the swarm, while the Smashers get exchanged for some flying.

Out: Chalice of the Void x4; Kozilek; Reality Smasher x2.

In: Hangarback Walker x2; Ratchet Bomb x2; Skysovereign; 2x Warping Wail.

Eldrazi and Taxes

A pretty decent match up for us as we can basically ignore most of the "Taxes" part and laugh at their pathetically small Eldrazi. Most of their creatures can be picked off by ours, while our threats quickly become answer-or-die. Sort out Eldrazi Displacer and you've won half the battle.

Out: Chalice of the Void x2; Reality Smasher x4.

In: Ratchet Bomb x2; Sorcerous Spyglass x2; Spellskite x2.


Bounce tricks to make sure we never get the payout from Matter Reshaper means they come out, but the Chalices stay in here (attempting to set them to two if possible) as the deck moves into control territory rather than aggro. Warping Wail can do a lot of work here, and Spyglasses sometimes replace the second two Smashers if needed as well.

Out: Kozilek; Matter Reshaper x4; Reality Smasher x2.

In: Ratchet Bomb x2; Skysovereign; Spellskite x2; Warping Wail x2.


This is a (perhaps surprisingly) tough match-up for this particular version of the deck as I'm only playing one copy of All is Dust and it's hard to break through the sheer amount of goblins the deck spews out. If you can stick a Chalice and get a nice big Ballista then you might have a chance but considering they are likely to have some sort of profitable sac outlet this still might not do much. The Matter Reshapers are just wasted against the 1/1 tokens that they're blocking or get blocked by.

Out: Karn; Kozilek; Matter Reshaper x4; Reality Smasher.

In: Hangarback Walker x2; Ratchet Bomb x2; Skysovereign; Warping Wail x2.


Not had a chance to play against a newer version of this deck, would appreciate advice here.


With the sheer amount of cheap lords and Vials the aggro race is on straight away, especially when Spreading Seas can do a real number on our manabase while preventing us from blocking. Judiciously Ghost Quartering your own "Island" at this point may be a better bet than taking down their Mutavault. In this match-up the Chalices are often too slow so we exchange some for removal. Warping Wail simply isn't enough to deal with anything beyond the first creature they play (all the others WILL be pumped beyond one toughness) and paying four life for Dismember can lose you the game so be careful. Also things might change slightly vs Simic Merfolk now they have Collector Ouphe , as that shuts down our Ballistae and of course the Ratchet Bombs. Even though the life is vital, I'd probably consider Surgical Extraction here for this or to remove a playset of lords.

Out: Chalice of the Void x2; Kozilek.

In: Ratchet Bomb x2; Skysovereign.

Saheeli Combo (and Jeskai Midrange)

Once you know it's coming, you can do something about it. While removing the hasty big guys with trample might seem counter-intuitive, if they've resolved Saheeli it's probably too late. Matter Reshaper is likely to eat a Path to Exile so their value is low. Make them react to your plays and know that you can usually tap out due to their lack of counters in game one. Spellskite is hilarious here.

Out: Endbringer x2; Kozilek; Matter Reshaper x4; Reality Smasher x2; Ulamog.

In: Ratchet Bomb x2; Sorcerous Spyglass x2; Spellskite x2; Surgical Extraction x2; Warping Wail x2.


They laughed at us, saying that E-Tron was the lowest form of the deck, but they aren't laughing now are they? Alright, they might still be laughing at me because this is the match where Karn would tip the scales in our favour. While we need Tron less than the coloured variants and have more Ghost Quarters, they're still likely to assemble before us and bring out Wurmcoil Engines. These are not good news for us and really require an Endbringer or Ballista with attached Basilisk Collar to deal with effectively, though post-board we do get Ratchet Bomb for the tokens. On the sort-of-upside Ugin doesn't wipe our board completely and All is Dust does nothing for us both.

Out: All is Dust; Dismember x2; Endbringer x2; Reality Smasher x2;

In: Hangarback Walker x2; Ratchet Bomb; Sorcerous Spyglass x2; Surgical Extraction x2.

U/W Control

This sucks. They've got all the tools to see what you have, take it away from you or simply stop you ever playing it. Go as controlling as possible, hold up extra mana and remember that you get the casting triggers on Ulamog or Kozilek even if they get countered. You'll almost certainly be on the play, so there's something to be said for leaving in all the Chalices in an attempt to do something about Path and Opt. Reality Smasher is your friend here - if it resolves - beating down Columnade, not caring if JTMS bounced it last turn, trampling Snappy and forcing them to discard if they want to target it.

Out: All is Dust; Basilisk Collar; Endbringer x2; Matter Reshaper x4; Spatial Contortion x2.

In: Ratchet Bomb x2; Relic of Progenitus x2; Sorcerous Spyglass x2; Spellskite x2; Surgical Extraction x2.


Updates Add

Well, War of the Spark dropped a couple of potentially exciting bombs in Blast Zone and Ugin, the Ineffable . The former is like a Ratchet Bomb that - while it regrettably can't hit tokens - does offer some very welcome interaction that is Map fetchable. Ugin is a little more difficult to quantify: he'd probably be taking the spot currently occupied by Everflowing Chalice , which might skew my CMC a little further towards the top end than I'd want. However the potential value he offers is undeniable, with card advantage being something the deck sorely misses as well as emergency removal. The static ability can set up stuff like free Chalices or Ballistas plus playing him on turn three with Tron would leave enough for a Matter Reshaper. It also makes our Contortions and Wails look a LOT better because we can tap out and still play them!



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