Is there any better feeling than when you manage to draft the perfect Upheaval deck in Cube? Probably not. This deck aims to grind out value through a host of mana-rocks and efficient spells while denying its opponent the right to have permanents.

The core of the deck is a greedy Tolarian Academy shell, with all of the usual suspects (Urza, Winter Orb, Tangle Wire, etc.). We're also running a fair few mana-rocks, using four points on Mana Crypt , as well as signets, Grim Monolith , and some others. The goal is to impede the opponent's progress until we have enough board presence to cast either Upheaval or Wildfire , leaving us with a distinct advantage. We're touching green for cards like Fastbond and Wrenn and Six to help us rebuild quicker than our opponent. If we can stick a Construct generated by Karn, Scion of Urza or Urza, Lord High Artificer , we can close out the game in short order.

This particular build includes a Tinker package, eating up the majority of our remaining points. Tinker provides us with a potential explosive start that leaves the opponent on the back foot or unable to answer. Our Tinker package is a bit more conservative, eschewing Blightsteel Colossus in favor of Inkwell Leviathan , Myr Battlesphere , Sphinx of the Steel Wind , and Bolas's Citadel .

If I were to change the points spread of this list, I would cut the Tinker package and opt for the inclusion of Spellseeker (1 point) and Mystical Tutor (2 points), replacing the Tinker targets with disruptive or tempo-positive spells.

Points: Mana Crypt - 4 Tinker - 3 Dig Through Time - 1 Crop Rotation - 1 Tolarian Academy - 1


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