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So i know looking at the deck it does not seam like much. However, it packs a punch. I'm still working on it as M20 spoilers are coming out. So the deck works off of two things. One : having a lotus cobra in play to get land triggers off of the Risen Reef (since it lets you also fill the hand you just drop the lands in play tapped and get triggers. Keep pumping out elementals, and keep getting land triggers.) I am also looking into playing Amulet Of Vigor. The combo i am thinking about adding in is lab man, since I can "draw" my whole deck by turn 4. I have been trying to make it faster/consistent but i am having a bit of trouble with the creatures. The land base seams fine at times but could use more tweaking as more cards get spoiled. Overall i am happy with the deck and will contuine to make changes as needed. If you have any thoughts feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you. Thanks.

I am working on a new temur deck with elementals as a base and control as the style of deck ? will it be good who knows but i sure do love me some temur builds :D


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So after some thought I may be changing the deck around some, as well as the side board. Updates to come.


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