Hello everyone! I'd like to play EDH, this is my first deck and I absolutely need some help. I want to keep this deck very casual and to be played exclusively with friends, so if something has to be added it must be very cheap. It's a deck with some of my favourite cards and i'd love to keep all the "big cards", while the "small ones" are pretty much all fillers so i'd start to change these ones if i have to. As you can see I have huge problems with my mana curve. Hope I can count on you guys!




FireToBurn says... #1

I had the same problem in my first deck which was a landfall deck. I had a lot of big creatures but most of mine were 6 drops just like my commander. Therefore im missed the mana to do more than just 1 thing in each turn.

What I'm missing in your deck are rampcards. You have ramp in the form of Signets and a few cards such as Rampant Growth and Kodama's Reach but its too little for what your have on creatures and you have green in your commander and that's the best color to fix your manabase.

I have some suggestions for your deck but keep im not great at building decks myself so some others might find better cards for your but im trying to help you. So here are some cards I would suggest, don't add all of them but just to give you an idea of what is possible:

To search for Basic lands/lands:

-Khalni Heart Expedition

-Explosive Vegetation


-Sylvan Scrying

-Traverse the Ulvenwald


For creatures I don't really see a trend in what your idea is with. Maybe if you could explain that, I can help you with it. What I am seeing is that you have a few big ones but you need to wait so they can do something. A few nice creatures which are always nice:

-Sakura-Tribe Elder

-Avenger of Zendikar Good with your beastmaster ascension

-Solemn Simulacrum (Often used in EDH)

Some extra suggestions:

-Myriad Landscape for some extra basics

-Terramorphic Expanse Same as evolving the wilds

-Sol Ring Often used in EDH

Cards I would remove or change for something better since it does too little in EDH or your deck:

-Vandalize for Vandalblast Land destruction is not really needed in EDH and this lets your destroy 1 artifact for 1 red and overload it to destroy all artifacts for the same manacost. Even your own artifacts are safe with this one since its "you don't control"

-Lava Spike Change this for a ramp card, it does too little in your deck

-Electrolyze for Blasphemous Act if you want to kill some creatures/board wipe, this can potentially be only 1 red. If you don't want to do that then change it for a ramp card

-Dragon Tempest for Fervor Gives haste to all creatures you control. It misses the damage from dragons but makes up for it if you cast a non flying big creature.

-Ongoing Investigation Bit of a random card in my opinion in your deck

-Overwhelming Intellect for Counterspell Does pretty much the same and is cheaper in manacost, though im not really sure if you need counterspells in this deck

-Stubborn Denial for Negate This is always a hard counter even without creatures on your board

I hope this helps you a little bit, Goodluck with your deck :)

November 22, 2017 9:28 a.m.

SwineAlchemist says... #2

FireToBurn thank you very much. I appreciate your suggestions and I'll work on them.

November 22, 2017 2:10 p.m.

SwineAlchemist says... #3

FireToBurn here comes the explanation for my creatures: there's no real plan, they're just all my pet cards and I'd love to have them all in one deck that tries to take the best out of them. I play only in a little group of friends and we all have very casual decks that comes from cards we previosly had from years of mostly random trades and collections. But yeah, you probably have already guessed it, so thank you very much for keeping your suggestions in this kind of mindset.

November 23, 2017 10:27 a.m.

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