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Temmet, Vizier of Clones

Commander / EDH



The deck specializes in playing opponents decks against themselves.

Offensive cards fall into 2 categories.

Ways to make clone tokens. Ideally, they are:

  • Instant Speed
  • Can target other people's creatures
  • Used repeatably
  • Effect other people's boards (bounce, removal, etc)
  • Can make multiple copies of the creature

Cloneable Creatures

  • Good ETB Effects/first turn effects (removal, haste, enter with extra tokens, anthem effects, etc)
  • Strong in multiples

Legendary creatures often meet the first criteria, but by definition cannot fulfill the second. This is a shame, but there are still plenty of good options.

Other cards include:

  • Bounce effects (reuse my own creature etbs)
  • Removal
  • Ramp
  • Sac Outlets
  • Instant speed enablers
  • Board Wipes



Stolen Identity, Sphinx's Revelation, Cackling Counterpart, Batterskull and Tempt with Reflections would all be solid, especially the first two. I would cut All Is Dust as I don't know why you would play it in the first place since you have so many colored permanents. Clone Legion, and Followed Footsteps would also be sweet. Personally I would cut cards like Grasp of Fate amd Counterspell and use creatures that you want to make tokens of anyways to do those sorts of things, like Angel of Serenity and Draining Whelk. Geist-Honored Monk would be sweet too.

Adorned Pouncer probably isn't good enough for EDH; I would also cut Enlightened Tutor, Secure the Wastes, and White Sun's Zenith. Play cards that actually do things like the ones I mentioned above instead of ones that late game make you a ton of tokens. Temmet is different from any other token general in that he wants you to have 1 big token rather that a massive token army. To that end, play Medomai the Ageless since this is a combat-focused Azorius deck and Blade of Selves for obvious reasons, but also for Anointed Procession shenanigans. I would also cut Sword of Fire and Ice, Phyrexian Processor, and Quietus Spike to make room for more creatures and tokenization cards. The sword is great and all, but just because you can play it in every deck doesn't mean you should, and there's plenty of card draw available to this deck without it. The processor is just off-flavor for me and there's not a lot of obvious ways to gain back the life, and Quietus Spike will certainly kill people quickly, and make them want to kill you quickly too, all of them. So again, I would suggest playing more token-producing value cards in those slots. Lightning Greaves is actually sub-optimal in this deck as the shroud will prevent you from targeting the equipped creature with Temmet's ability.

August 12, 2017 2:42 p.m.

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