Chulane is the sugar daddy of the format. He buys you cool things!


This is the first cEDH / high power BANT ( ) deck I've made, and it's been super fun to play so far. Your commander is the heart of your deck. He helps you draw a shit ton of cards and enables your combos. The play style can vary depending on the build, I guess. However, I tend to run a very control / stax heavy build, so that I can combo off during the mid-game. Some good cards to ensure that this happens are; Grand Abolisher , Silence and Teferi, Time Raveler (no longer playing Teferi, but might test him out later). They're all pieces that prevent my opponents from casting disruption during my turn. I'm also running cards like Back to Basics , Collector Ouphe and my personal favorite, Mana Breach to slow down my opponents a bit. Mana Breach works well with Chulane, since I will always be able to play the lands from my hand when I cast creatures.

The main wincons are as follows:


You need to have the following cards on the field: Chulane, Teller of Tales + Intruder Alarm + any ETB bounce creature, for example Whitemane Lion + 2 mana from dorks, with at least one of them producing the mana required to cast the chosen creature, in this case since we're using Whitemane Lion. Generally it's good to have Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise as one of the two mana sources, since they both produce all 3 colors in your deck.

First, you tap your two mana dorks to cast Whitemane Lion from your hand triggering Chulane's ability which draws you a card, and lets you put a land card from your hand on the battlefield ...untapped (wtf!?). Then after it resolves and Whitemane Lion hits the board, Intruder Alarm goes off untapping your two mana dorks. You then proceed to bounce Whitemane Lion back to your own hand with it's own effect. Now you can cast him again with the two mana dorks, trigger Chulane, and repeat. You keep doing this until you draw your entire library.

Now you should have plenty of lands on the field untapped, because Chulane is broken, and you can cast Jace, Wielder of Mysteries or Laboratory Maniac , either of which will win you the game.

( NOTE: With Lab Man though, you need to be careful. You have to leave one card in your deck before you cast him, so that you don't deck yourself before his effect becomes active.)

There are other ways of drawing your deck as well, such as having: Chulane, Teller of Tales + Shrieking Drake + Mana Breach on the field with an Island in play.

You begin the loop by casting Shrieking Drake, triggering Chulane and Mana Breach. With the Mana Breach trigger you then bounce one Island back to your hand, then proceed to draw with Chulane, who lets you play the Island again untapped. When Shrieking Drake enters the battlefield, you target it with it's own effect bouncing it back to your hand. Now you have an untapped Island in play again so you can cast the Shrieking Drake starting the loop, which will draw you your entire deck.

Now, for you to win off of this, you're gonna have to have enough mana to cast either Jace, Wielder of Mysteries , or have a Laboratory Maniac on the field already.

Other cards which will help you assemble these bounce castle - loops are: Aluren and Cloudstone Curio . Aluren is the most straightforward of the two. It lets you cast your stuff for free. Where as Cloudstone Curio requires a similar set-up to the two combos listed above.


If for some reason your Jace and Lab Man get taken away by, for example, Praetor's Grasp - type effects, you will always have the option to storm your opponents away with Aetherflux Reservoir , since you can so easily begin those insane loops with Chulane. Your storm count will become enough to bolt people away pretty much always.

For example, build the loop with Shrieking Drake and Mana Breach , which I have listed above, make sure you have Aetherflux on the field and storm off . . . "You win the game!"

Entering the fringe...


There's also a really cool way of staxing your opponents to a state where they will most likely scoop. However, it's a pretty slow combo to build and you shouldn't spend resources to get to it unless it's the last resort you've got. If you manage to pull it off though, you can feel proud of yourself lol.

You need to have Venser, Shaper Savant and Retraction Helix in your hand and the following cards on the field: Chulane, Teller of Tales + Priest of Titania + Noble Hierarch + Arbor Elf + Intruder Alarm and 2 from your lands, one of them being a Forest due to Arbor Elf.

You start with casting Retraction Helix on Chulane, giving him the ability to bounce things for free for the rest of the turn. Then you use your mana dorks to cast Venser. As Venser enters the battlefield, it triggers Intruder Alarm which untaps your mana dorks giving you the mana to cast Venser again. You bounce something from your opponents with Venser and then use Chulane, who now has the free bounce effect from Retraction Helix, to bounce Venser back to your hand. Then you cast Venser again which untaps your dorks and Chulane. Now you have a loop which lets you bounce all permanents from your opponents back to their hands. You can only do this during the turn you use Retraction Helix, but it's safe to say that people will probably scoop it up then.

General thoughts

My experiences playing with the deck so far have been quite pleasant. The deck's very consistent and isn't too affected by general grave hate or Blood Moon type of effects, which is nice. It can also play under heavier stax pieces on the table.

To achieve a victory in the safest way possible, I would suggest setting up a play where you cast Silence during your upkeep/before you want to combo off. This way your opponents can no longer use most interactions against you during your turn. But if you have the luxury to drop Grand Abolisher instead, you're just guaranteed to win that way since it takes away every interaction during your turn, where as Silence only affects spell casts.

There are of course other ways of playing Chulane as a commander. I have a Food Chain - focused list up as well, so feel free to check it out!

Feedback is greatly appreciated!


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