Welcome one and all to my Esper control list for our new Standard. I've been building into and piloting this for the last week or so on MTG: Arena and having fairly consistent success.

Currently looking to put the final touches on it and build out a full sideboard so I can take it into Arena's more competitive game modes and roll people.

I've adjusted the deck to focus a little more towards dealing with aggro as it's a constant matchup in MTGA while people are waiting on the meta to figure itself out.

On that same note, I added Sanguine Sacrament earlier today and it's SOOO good. Coming down to the wire and then casting Sacrament for = is so satisfying.

Anyhow, when I'm more motivated and confident in a final loadout I'll probably write out a full description. In the meantime, any feedback you can offer on the build or the sideboard would be greatly appreciated. If you do offer a suggestion for the mainboard, I'd very much appreciate an accompanying suggestion of what to take out, as this deck is pretty well dedicated to what's actively doing. Not a lot of dead cards to be had.

Thanks Tappedout! See you online!


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So this one is fairly negligible since its a Bo1 queue. I jumped into it cause I wanted to play matches that actually got me something but didn't have a lot of time for a Bo3 at the moment, so I started this a few nights ago. I reasonably should have won this thing with 7 wins, and two of my losses were my own mistake, but as I've started logging these events, as promised, here it is: (It's also worth noting like... none of these were really meta. I need to stick to Comp Constructed Bo3)

Game 1 - Golgari Midrange - Win

Don't remember any details. Pretty well built Midrange deck though. The guy had a lot of The Eldest Reborn. 4 of them mainboard in fact. And many Vraska prints.

Game 2 - Golgari Midrange - Win

Fairly similar to the previous match, except his was much more focused on the Undergrowth mechanic.

Game 3 - Golgari Midrange/Aggro - Win (seeing a theme yet?)

Very similar to the last deck in terms of a bit more creature focused with Undergrowth. However I would say better as he was using Memorial to Folly as a four-of and manipulating it very well for the deck in terms of bringing back creatures. It's worth noting the synergy he used with Molderhulk and Glowspore Shaman.

Game 4 - N/A - Loss

My computer crashed right as the match was starting. Came back with a loss. Good times.

Game 5 - Simic Merfolk - Win

Poor dude was using the UG precon as far as I can tell. Not sure why he was in a try hard-ish queue. But he got rolled pretty hard. I ulted Teferi relatively early. What was obnoxious though is he refused to concede. He literally had nothing in play and just continued to pass turn with an empty board and continued to discard. We did this for like 20 turns. I think he assumed I'd draw myself out, even though I was already to the point of casting Teferi and putting him back cause I didn't really need to draw anything else, hoping he'd get the point. I eventually drew my Nezahal, Primal Tide, the only creature in my deck. He conceded after he resolved. So that led me to assume maybe he was just gonna make me play it out to be spiteful. Sorry you played a pre-con? Please don't ever be this guy ^

Game 6 - Mono-Blue Merfolk - Win

Decent home built Merfolk deck, but after I used Cleansing Nova on him while he had 4 on board and only 2 cards in hand, it was pretty smooth from there.

Game 7 - Orzhov Vampires - Loss

So this one is actually my fault. He got me real low. Like down to 2 or 3, and through many Vraska's Contempt I actually brought myself up and had the board stabilized. Teferi Ult off. Teferi in play. Nezahal in play. We were winning. Then I got greedy. I wanted to get rid of all his lands... so I started casting all my Chemister's Insight. Well as I was casting my last one to get rid of his last two lands in play, I apparently had gone through my deck pretty quick. Cause as the spell resolved, I blew up. At first I thought he conceded, but then saw it was on my side. Looked down in the left and realized I had decked myself. Math is hard. Stay in school kids.

Game 8 - Azorious Lifegain (I think) - Win

This was an interesting one. Didn't get to see that much of the deck. It was some attempt at a UW Lifegain deck. The only cards I ever really saw were Fountain of Renewal and Resplendent Angel. All of which were dealt with via Teferi, Cast Down, Cleansing Nova, Essence Scatter, etc. He conceded after I started starving him of cards in hand/play. One thing I did learn though is to pay attention to whether or not Search for Azcanta  Flip has flipped or not before I use Cleansing's second mode. I had 7 cards in graveyard, and used Cleansing to nuke his Fountains (and accidentally my Search), when I could have waited a turn for the Search to flip and been fine. Fortunately it didn't cost us the game. But now we know.

Game 9 - Boros Aggro - Loss

The game that mattered. The last game. Either I win and get the 7 wins and full prizes or I lose and deal with 6. I lost. Boros Aggro that was low to the ground (not angels) and rolled my face fast. Our start wasn't necessarily bad, except for the double Search for Azcanta  Flip in hand. Problem is beyond my starting Cast Down I didn't draw anything else to actually deal with creatures. So that was unfortunate.

I'm happy (and somewhat annoyed) that two of those losses weren't really due to my deck failing. Honestly none of them were. As soon as the Goblin Banneret landed in the last game, I acknowledged I was probably losing, unless he got unlucky. Low to the ground aggro is really hard for control to deal with, especially a deck like mine not running Ritual of Soot. But I have my reasons. The second loss was just failure to math. My deck was winning. I'm just stupid. And of course the first was shenanigans.

Really enjoyed the run though. I'm downloading Black Ops 4 right now, but I'll probably start a Comp Constructed queue tomorrow so we can play real decks, and actually test the worth.

Thanks for tuning in. Wish me luck.

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