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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Movie

Casual BUG (Sultai) G/U (Simic) Theme/Gimmick



Re-enactment of a (slightly altered) TMNT movie in Magic.

The PlanTM:

Turn 3: Horned Turtle
Turn 4: Master Biomancer
Turn 5: Sakashima's Student
Turn 6: Xenograft, name "Teenage"
Turn 7: ???
Turn 8: Profit.

Plot synopsis:

Four little Horned Turtle s go to Explore an Underground River but accidently stumble upon a Simic Growth Chamber. The Master Biomancer s that work there regularly use it as a Breeding Pool, but their Experiment One1 failed. Furiously they left that evening but without stowing their Ooze Flux away.
The four Horned Turtle s come in contact with the Ooze Flux and almost immediately begin Bioshift ing into fully grown Mutant Turtles. With their new found intelligence they seek Alchemist's Refuge and find another Bioshift ed animal, a rat named Master Splinter (portrayed by Nezumi Shadow-Watcher ).
Splinter helps them by teaching them the way of the ninja. The Horned Turtle s are very good Sakashima's Student s, so they progress fast.
Each of them develops his own unique fighting style, Leonardo wielding two blades, a No-Dachi and a O-Naginata , Donatello wielding a Skyblinder Staff , Raphael two Sai of the Shinobi and Michelangelo a pair of Nunchaku2 Inquisitor's Flails.

Meanwhile an Archivist named April O'Neil3 is researching a story on the Master Biomancer s that would incriminate them in using Xenografts on their Experiment One. Without proof, she can't do anything though. Fortunately she runs into the Horned Turtle s who help her on her quest...

1 Experiment One was cut from the movie since it was irrelevant to the plot.
2 The Nunchuks have been replaced with Inquisitor's Flail for budget reasons.
3 The director almost cast Azami, Lady of Scrolls but then decided against it in the last moment.


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