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Welcome one welcome all, to Tappedout's first true satyr tribal deck!

Gimme a break though because this is the first aggro deck I ever built, not to mention the only red deck I ever wanted to actually get.

I was just scrolling through old card lists when I decided that I was going to make something new, something unheard of. I kept scrolling for about 3 minutes But then I saw it.

Satyr Wayfinder stared at me, speaking volumes at me. "I'm right here, Nill."

And I said," Oh my god... this card sucks." Then it hit me like a freight train was a batter in the majors.

"Almost all the satyrs suck..." I said to myself.

And that was when this piece was conceived.

But Do They Actually Suck?

Good question. Good answer? Yeah, pretty much. Most of the satyrs are steaming piles of trash. But what I have built here, by golly, they're not.

So What You Done Did?

Now with a thing like satyrs, you'd expect a slow buildup to a big payoff (that's usually not a satyr, mind you).

With this, there is no payoff card. No Glorybringer, no Ghoultree, and definitely no Tarmogoyf

I have essentially built a fully functional aggro deck that can last well Into the midgame as the satyrs play off of one another.

But its satyrs. Theros' suckiest tribe(if you can even call it that). How good could it actually be?

Well, this thing has the ability to win on turn 3. AND ITS SATYRS. Here's the rundown, so you've got the dream.

Turn 1- Satyr Hoplite

Turn 2- Titanic Growth on the hoplite. Swing in for 6.

Turn 3- Titanic Growth and Assault Strobe on hoplite. Swing in for 16.

And I just have to reiterate that these are satyrs.

Hey Man, That Was Pretty Cool!

Thanks! Feel free to leave suggestions below! I could probably use a sideboard.

Try to keep anything you suggest under a dollar. This is a hyper-budget build that I'd rather keep that way.

Don't forget. Spread the word. The satyrs are coming to town.


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