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Tazri 5c Ally-Storm Combo [Competitive]

Commander / EDH Combo Competitive Five Color



Tuned and tested for the most competitive metas - this is the cleanest version of my experiments with Tazri and as far as I can tell the first competitive deck to describe the Tazri-Food Chain combo. This is a 5 color combo deck with considerable resiliency. The overall plan is to generate infinite colored mana. To accomplish this, we have these very straightforward means:

  • Bloom Tender + Freed from the Real
  • Harabaz Druid + Freed from the Real
  • Bloom Tender + Pemmin's Aura
  • Harabaz Druid + Pemmin's Aura
  • Food Chain + Misthollow Griffin
  • Food Chain + Eternal Scourge
  • Auriok Salvagers + Lion's Eye Diamond

Another pseudo wincon is Notion Thief + wheel effect.

Once infinite mana is achieved, you use the following chain to win (all same turn):

  • Cast Tazri fetching Hagra Sharpshooter.
  • Use Sharpshooter's ability to kill Tazri and return to the command zone
  • Cast Tazri fetching Kalastria Healer, Hagra Diabolist, or Halimar Excavator (they are redundant win-cons)
  • Continue killing and recasting Tazri triggering infinite life loss or mill from etb/rally triggers

If Healer, Diabolist, and Excavator are all killed or exiled, you can use infinite mana and Hagra Sharpshooter to kill all opposing creatures and then use Tazri's 2nd ability to swing w/ infinite buffed allies.

If Sharpshooter gets exiled you need to use the Food Chain combo (which bypasses Sharpshooter) or attack methods.

Zur is an engine that can fatch Necro / Food Chain / Freed from the Real. Ad Nauseam is used here simply as a powerful draw spell that will generally net about 15 cards for 20 life and should allow the win with protection.

Dealing with Stax/Hatebears:

  • Gaddock Teeg: No Problem
  • Sphere effects: Use Freed From the Real method.
  • Linvala: Use Scourge + FC method
  • Rule of Law: This hurts the most but we can still win via Freed from the Real infinite mana and attacking, or EOT Notion Thief to wheel effect --> find an answer and win the next turn
  • Rest in Peace: No Problem
  • Null Rod: Use any method besides bomberman
  • Aven Mindcensor: Anyone know the ruling on Four Horsemen in competitive EDH?

We have some free counters to deal with control and also Silence. Timetwiser and friends recover combo pieces if the game goes long.

The rest is just the best draw, interaction, and ramp from 5-color.

If you like this deck, check out this other incredibly powerful General Tazri combo list by Shaper and Lupu dedicated solely to the Food Chain combo described here.


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