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Tawnos, Urza's Apprentice goes infinite with Paradox Engine by copying the untap trigger on the engine and having two colored mana from rocks or dorks that will untap as well. This is the key pinnacle part of this deck. Win cons with that loop are Codex Shredder. I also have Scrap Trawler, Myr Retriever, Krark-Clan Ironworks. This is a fun combo that only uses colorless mana and can infinitely loop ETB triggers that can be used in Altar of the Brood. The other one in here is using Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain's ability, with her on the field, use Master Transmuter and Paradox Engine and Mox Opal and infinitely draw your deck.

I still am trying to polish this deck out. This will be a tier 1 cEDH when I'm done with it. Can't do it all on my own. I call upon my brothers and sisters in the community to give me suggestions and ideas to make this deck the absolute best it can be!


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