This deck is quite a normal tatyova deck. It draws a lot of cards and tries to get the lands rotating from battlefield to graveyeard to hand and so on to maximize landfall triggers and drawing cards. One important combo piece is Retreat to Coralhelm as it allows for infinite landfall triggers with the Llanowar Scout or Budoka Gardener and the bounce lands or one of the way 1 mana lans bounces Trade Routes Uyo, Silent Prophet . When playing the deck remember to instant speed sacrifice all your lands with cards like Zuran Orb before the The Mending of Dominaria or Splendid Reclamation resolve. That are my notes about this deck, just have fun and draw cards, a ton of cards.

After some playtesting it feels like there is a maybe a bit of overkill in the ramp departement. I would suggest swapping in some more removal if you have it.


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