I built this as soon as I heard about Tatyova. This deck is everything I want in magic, ramp and card draw!


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Tatyova, Benthic Druid + Lotus Cobra + Patron of the Moon + Simic Growth Chamber / Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Use Patron of the moon's ability to put at least one of the bounce lands onto the battlefield. Lotus cobra and tatyova trigger drawing you a card and gaining you a mana and the bounce land triggers bouncing itself back to your hand. Use the mana created with lotus cobra to activate the patron's ability again. For every time you would draw a land with tatyova you can also put that onto the battlefield along with one of the bounce lands which nets you a mana from lotus cobra. So for every instance where would put 2 lands into play you net 1 mana of any color. Keep doing this to draw your deck.



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