This deck has taken me nearly two years to fine tune, but it's been worth the time and energy (and definitely the money). Being able to ramp up and fix mana, utilize removal and counterspells to prevent crippling interaction, and to churn out creatures only serve to benefit the end goal of making infinite mana. The infinite loop being Deadeye Navigator and Palinchron , which can be easily achieved through entwining Tooth and Nail . Blinking Palinchron infinitely to make unlimited mana then allows me to bring Tasigur, the Golden Fang down. With him in play, milling through my entire library becomes possible to either: completely exile my opponent's entire library with Villainous Wealth or drain all resources and life with Torment of Hailfire . Tasigur is still a work in progress; there are still cards in here on trial, and the mana base still needs fine tuning. There are other instants/sorceries worth bringing on board, and some of the mana fixing artifacts might be trimmed. There have been nice new editions, especially Biomancer's Familiar , which acts as the second Training Grounds .

This is my honest to god baby. I am wholly enamored by this deck. I really wanted to give up on it, after struggling through multiple builds. Finding the right key to unlock Tasigur's power has been no easy feat. While this is in no way a competitive deck, it certainly has picked up being a powerhouse (I find now that I tend to get taken out first in my playgroup meta more and more; it's a compliment to knowing your deck I suppose!).


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