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Tasigur, the Banana Fang

Commander / EDH BUG (Sultai)


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This is a deck that I have been testing for about 4 months now that started as more of a wim, and now considered to be one of my favorite decks to play. What the deck wants to do is it wants to ramp and mill itself until it has a critical mass of lands both in play and in graveyard, and then cast a huge Splendid Reclamation usually ending the game the next turn or immediately.

The Game plan usually goes something like this. First, focus on ramp and self mill. Tasigur really helps here as he is able to both mill and recur, which has been extremely handy. Lay low here, try not to paint a target on your back, instead try to help your opponents and gain their trust by utilizing the various removal and counterspells. Once again, Tasigur is wonderful here, as it gives the chosen opponent the illusion of trust when they give back your counterspell that will save them. Second phase is the searching phase. By this point, a few combo pieces have probably been spotted, but it is time to find the rest and fast. finding Seedborn Muse first, though not a combo piece per say, is the best way to speed up that process as it allows Tasigur to dig even faster and hold up protection just the same. Once the combo pieces have been found (Zuran Orb, a landfall card such as Ob Nixilis, the Fallen, and Splendid Reclamation), it is time to move on to the conclusion. First play/reanimate the landfall target if it is not in play already, same with Zuran Orb. Then cast Splendid Reclamation holding priority so you could sacrifice all of your lands. If everything works correctly, either you should have an army big enough to trample over your opponents, or just outright kill them because of Ob Nixilis's ability. And if that doesn't work, repeated Worm Harvest can get the job done too.

This deck is more budget, so I will not be able to spend a lot on fixing this. I have come up with a cap of no more than 5 dollars per card. This means I will not be adding fetchlands, duals or shocks, or even Crucible of Worlds (sadly). Comments and Suggestions are more than welcome though, I would love to hear others thoughts and opinions on this deck, and trust me, besides for the budget I can be a very open minded person.


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