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Tasigur + Lazav: Perfect Strangers

Commander / EDH*


Tasigur is the official Commander but Lazav is the secret Commander and really the heart of the deck. There are a lot of tutors (including Transmute) in the deck make sure you have a way to get him into your hand and then on the board. Then protect him at all costs, especially from exile!

Here's the YouTube video with even more context: https://youtu.be/xilpJ79ysDY

Furthermore, the ability to add green creatures for Lazav to copy gives a lot of variety. There are quite a few fun win conditions in this deck.

  1. Get Maralen of the Mornsong into your graveyard. At the end of the opponent to your right's turn, use Lazav to copy her. On your turn, tutor for Mindlock Orb and cast it. Now your opponents can't draw cards, can't tutor and lose 3 life each of their turns. You can make Lazav copy another creature before your next draw step and you'll still be able to draw cards. Then turn him back into Maralen before the next opponent's turn.

  2. Get Wormfang Manta into your graveyard. Use Lazav to copy Wormfang Manta and then return him to your hand with Crystal Shard to gain an extra turn. Repeat the process to take infinite turns.

  3. There are a couple of creatures that will add +1/+1 counters on Lazav like Scavenging Ooze and Lotleth Troll. This can ensure that you get him to at least 10 power so you can copy Vector Asp to give Lazav infect for the turn, copy a creature with evasion and swing in for the kill. If you also happen to copy Hydra Omnivore before damage is dealt, you win!

  4. Phage the Untouchable. Need I say more?


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