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Tasigur Lands (that isn't three grand)

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Hello Commander Players!

I recently released a video (Deck Tech Below) and decklist (Sultai Lands Matter featuring Tasigur). Many of my fine viewers were disheartened at the price tag which came to just under $3000. I assure you this is does not have the be the price of this deck. In fact a single card makes up for almost half of that budget -- The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale. So once you cut Tabernacle, a $1500 deck is totally reasonable right? ... It's still a stupid price tag. I hinted at a more budget friendly way to build this deck with a lot of basics in the video. Many people felt lost making so many budgetary cuts from my last deck. So I present a more wallet friendly Sultai Lands Build!!! TADA!

This deck is still ponying up the cash for the powerful ramp effects like Oracle of Mul Daya & Exploration. We also need to keep some of the powerful recursion so I included Life from the Loam. I have included a single dastardly card that you should include with caution -- Wave of Vitriol . This card is nasty and synergizes pretty well with your strategy but use with caution in unknown playgroups.

If you care about my reasoning for making such an expensive deck in the first place let me explain but trust me this part isn't important just skip to the awesome video.

OK, I like making all types of decks. I have made a lot of decklists with budget in mind but I felt that this list warranted a more expensive configuration. This is because some of the core cards to the strategy are SO EXPENSIVE. Crucible of Worlds and Azusa, Lost but Seeking are $65 and $50 respectively. Fetchlands are also really strong in this deck so there's another $100. With these "auto-includes" costing so much I felt like this was the deck tech to go for big money. This deck is also inspired by a real deck so I decided not to worry about the budget. But ignoring budget isn't practical! Please tinker with your decks and use creativity to make a stupidly expensive deck cost 10 times less but just as fun!



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