This is my attempt at making a $1000 budget 3-color control deck in EDH. This deck was inspired by watching a competitive EDH game featuring coreman's deck that is simply a lot out of my price range. He has been quite helpful in the creation of this deck beyond solely being the creator of the list off of which I based my build. Updated deck tech to come.


Updates Add

So after a lot of discussion with the cedh community and fellow Tasigur players, I have swapped out a lot of cards and upped the budget since I now own a lot more valuable cards that increase the deck's viability. I have cut almost all reanimation synergies including Entomb , and I have swapped out Palinchron and Phantasmal Image for Dramatic Scepter and Isochron Scepter because they allow for more mana efficient wins.

Current Decklist Record (1-0)

v Tazri v Thrasios/Smasher v Mono G Selvala; Result: Win