This was my very first EDH deck. Started as Olivia Voldaren vampires, but I couldn't handle not being able to play Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and some of the other Orzhov colored vampires. The deck has gone through a lot of changes, but the main premise of the deck is just having access to all of the best vampires, planeswalkers included. It is tons of fun to play and wins fairly often. Kill Kill Kill and fill the graveyard so Tariel can put in work. Bunch of Vampire Tribal fun. Focus on making Vampire tokens, specifically with Conspiracy, naming Vampire, and Ophiomancer or Assemble the Legion. Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond combo if it ever happens. Blood Artist + board wipe combo. Debt to the Deathless + Mana doublers. High Priest of Penance + Olivia Voldaren , especially if High Priest can get indestructible. It's Vampire Tribal, but a lot of the creatures, including the commander, aren't Vampires. The idea is they really accent the idea of the deck and everything Vamps are good at. Plus, with Mephidross Vampire , Oliva Voldaren, and Conspiracy, odds are they turn into Vampires anyway!

I was defiantly against running Sorin Markov simply because I felt guilty dropping someones life to 10 for 5 mana, but I am in the process of acquiring a copy of him through an extensive trade, and justify it by saying he is my answer to lifegain decks and decks who otherwise are hard to deal damage to. I almost exclusively play multiplayer, so I think it's reasonable as a ditch effort to even the playing field.

Any suggestions would be great. +1 if you like it!!


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