Behold my Tandem-Alchemist!

So This came to me in a fevered vision (no pun intended) after the latest Modern Masters came out. Tandem lookout became common and his ability seemed pretty decent. Then I noticed that coupled with thermo could present some silly situations. I looked at how that would work in pauper and things really just blew out of proportion. So the deck can fairly consistently win on turn 4 by combo. I have had a turn 3 win once but it was without Tandem and I got the perfect hand so in no way is it indicative of the consistency of the deck in that respect. The deck boils down to filter/draw cards, burn cards, and combo pieces. I'll list them accordingly.

Filter/Draw Cards:
Magma Jet
Gitaxian Probe

Burn Cards:
Lightning Bolt
Chain Lightning
Magma Jet
Thunderous Wrath

Combo Pieces:
Tandem Lookout
Manamorphose <--- essentially free making it perfect for use only when doing the combo
Gitaxian Probe <--- good early game but great to fuel the combo due to the essentially free cost
Sulfur Vent <---using the second ability when you want to combo out that turn fuels the combo well.

Usually once you combo out you'll win but in the off chance you don't with brainstorm you can set up a thunderous wrath on their turn to close out the game.

I have also played many decks with it and came out really well. Played against Bogles, Five color Zoo, Delver, Acid Trip, Stompy, and Burn. All I've done really well against and won. Need to play blitz but I'm not horribly worried about that matchup with the amount of burn I run.

Hope you enjoy the Tandem-Alchemist deck.


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