The burn version of this deck can be found here: Tibalt's Turbofog.

So yeah, this is a stab at a Turbofog deck for the current standard environment. Mill them to death while rendering every combat step utterly pointless! Fun and shenanigans!

The idea, like with most turbofog variants, is to use Rites of Flourishing and other draw engines to keep your hand full of Fog effects. As long as you have a fog, you can stall your opponent's creature attacks turn after turn, allowing you to put more and more lands on the field, until you can mill your opponent out with either Jace, Memory Adept, Increasing Confusion , or a Tamiyo-emblem'd Thought Scour.

This deck is purely for fun, because I couldn't let the opportunity to play my new copies of Tamiyo pass me by, but I'm happy to get serious advice on how to improve it.

Comments, suggestions, and +1s are all appreciated!

Deck inspired by Nephilim's version (seen here: turbo-fog-49), which predates mine.

Huge thanks to zandl for help on updating this thing now that M13's good and released. Find his turbofog deck, which has stronger life gain elements, here: Zandl's Fogwalkers.

Thank you to every one of you that has expressed interest in this deck and supported the noble cause of being as frustrating to play against as possible!

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So now that Tamiyo, the Moon Sage is an actual card, let's invite her over for some Magic: The Gathering!

Tamiyo's abilities seem perfectly suited to this deck. She can:

+1: stall out a player relying on one imposing creature at a time.

-2: profit tremendously in card advantage after Fogging a horde of tapped creatures.

-8: Fog forever and ever and ever and ever, barring Dissipate. Also: Thought Scour for the kill.

I decided to drop red entirely. I have enough of that going on in my burn version of this deck (Tibalt's Turbofog. To replace Blasphemous Act as a board wipe, I may end up including Devastation Tide. It's a panic button, to be sure, and may not always be very beneficial, but bouncing everything is better than getting killed next turn.

Anyway, I'm resetting all the old comments under this update. Thoughts and opinions about Tamiyo and everything else is definitely welcome.

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